The National Clarion Cycling Club 1895 will be re-enacting a bicycle ride made by two members (Ted Ward and Geoff Jackson) in May 1938 to raise money for the victims of the Spanish Civil War. The proposed ride has its roots in the 1936 Barcelona Workers’ Olympiad whose aim was ‘giving a lead to youth to supress fascism and war’.  Jack Taylor, a Clarion member from Glasgow was picked to lead a team of five cyclists at the Olympiad. Unfortunately the Games never took place as Franco attacked the Republic the day the cyclists arrived in Barcelona. One member of the original cycle team was Geoffrey Jackson who two years later on the 7th May (1938) departed from Glasgow with a Clarion comrade Ted Ward (both members of Kinning Park (Glasgow) Section of the National Clarion Cycling Club) on a fund raising ride to Barcelona. Their aim was to collect money from sympathisers with the Spanish Republican Government, and with the money to buy food for the women and children of Spain. They hoped to raise about £70; in fact they raised over £300.  Ray Cox (killed at Boadilla in December 1936) and Roy Watts (killed on the Ebro 1938) were two Clarion Cycling Club members who died in Spain whilst serving with the International Brigades, and the new banner commissioned by the Clarion Cycling Club commemorating their memory will be taken on the ride to be displayed at the various International Brigade memorials where the group hope to stop at on the way to raise awareness of the International Brigade Memorial Trust  ( Fourteen cyclists including Catalan and Spanish riders will be visiting a number of towns and cities from Glasgow to Portsmouth between July 30th and August 19th 2008 to publicise the 70th anniversary of the original ride and the International Brigade Memorial Trust. The ride will be accompanied by a Clarion propaganda van selling literature relating to the Spanish Civil War and the riders hope to carry fraternal greetings from the mayors of various towns en route to the mayor of Barcelona.